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Samoyeds are high-energy dogs. To keep them from becoming destructive (and to prevent them from annoying your neighbors), they need a significant amount of exercise. One of the best things you can do for your Samoyed is to take them on daily long walks. Not only do walks help your dog burn energy, but they also allow you a chance to build your bond and work on training essentials. And picking up a few dog walking supplies can make your next walk much more pleasant. 

The Importance of Walking Your Samoyed

Samoyeds are energetic dogs. They are a working breed, specifically bred to pull sleds for miles and herd reindeer. These are not dogs that can be left all day in an apartment; Samoyeds need a lot of exercise — or they will find ways to entertain themselves, and you may not be happy with the activities they choose (you will likely have to say goodbye to your favorite shoes!). 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Samoyeds have a strong urge to roam because of their breeding. They are clever and talented escape artists, so if left to their own devices, they can find their way out of your home and go on miles-long adventures by themselves. 

Long daily walks can help curb that urge; the importance of walking your dog can’t be overstated. Because they get out some energy and explore and sniff their surroundings, they are more content to curl up and nap at home rather than try and find a way out. And after a good hard walk, they’re less likely to engage in unwanted behaviors, like chewing shoes or digging furniture. 

One Caveat: The Samoyed Club of America (SCA) noted that exercise for young dogs is a highly debated topic among breeders. In general, experts believe that Samoyeds, as fast-growing dogs, may be susceptible to long-term joint issues if they’re subjected to intensive exercise at a young age. Talk to your breeder and your veterinarian to find out what an appropriate amount of exercise is for your dog. 

Best Dog Walking Supplies for Your Samoyed

At the most basic level, you need a leash and collar to walk your dog. However, these dog walking supplies can make your walks more enjoyable all year long: 

1. Poop Bag Holder

It’s a situation every pet owner has gone through. You’re on a walk, and your dog unexpectedly veers off and poops on someone’s lawn. You frantically reach for a poop bag, only to realize you forgot to put one in your pocket. 

The solution? Attach a poop bag holder to your leash. Make it part of your routine to check the holder every week — I check mine every Sunday night — to ensure you always have bags handy. 

There’s many different options, but I prefer a soft holder over the hard shell ones. They’re less noisy, and I’ve found the hard ones tend to break or have the caps pop off mid-walk. This poop bag holder clips onto your leash, and it comes with a small roll of bags. However, it will fit most rolls of poop bags sold at major pet stores. 

2. Mini Flashlight

If you walk your dog at night — as someone who lives in Florida, I spend many nights and early mornings walking my Samoyeds so it’s not as hot — a mini flashlight is invaluable, especially when it comes to picking up after your dog. A little flashlight can attach to your leash so it’s always available; that way, you don’t have to fumble for your phone to get some light. 

I use these small LED ones; they’re about $7 for a pack of five. They’re tiny, but the light is surprisingly strong, and they clip directly onto the leash. 

3. Dog Water Bottle

It’s always a good idea to have water handy for your dog. Carrying a bottle of water and a separate bowl can be cumbersome, so I love these bottles that have a drinking bowl attached. You just squeeze the button to release the water. If your dog doesn’t drink all of the water, you can hold the button, and the water will go back into the bottle — less wasteful than other options!

I’ve tried dozens of dog water bottles, and many of them leak or don’t have a long enough bowl to allow for drinking for larger dogs. The only one I love is this dog water bottle from Miu Pet; I’ve bought three so I always have them on hand. 

4. Handy Dog Walking Bag

It’s inevitable; you’re walking your dog, and he poops on the grass. As a responsible owner, you immediately pick it up, but there’s nowhere to throw it out, so you carry it along with you until you can find a trash can. If this happens, you are virtually guaranteed to run into a boss, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or an arch-nemesis. And you have to wave or make small talk while holding a bag of poop. 

Because of just how common that scenario is, one of the best dog walking accessories for owners is a dog walking bag. You can use a small crossbody bag or backpack with a mesh pouch, but there are also bags specifically designed for walking dogs; you can pick up after your dog and place the bag in the mesh pocket to carry until you find a trash can and can dispose of it, and the pack can hold your water bottle, keys, phone and other items. 

5. Dog Backpack

You’re not the only one that needs a bag; one of the best dog walking supplies for Samoyeds is a canine backpack. Once your dog is old enough for more intensive exercise, you can use a backpack during your walks. 

For my dogs, I put frozen water bottles in the pack. The added weight makes the walk more challenging, helping to tire them out more quickly — a huge benefit when it’s hot out. And because they’re working harder and feel like they’re doing a job, dogs tend to be less reactive to other dogs or animals when they have a backpack on. 

Look for one that is ergonomically designed. The best dog backpacks have adjustable straps and distribute the weight evenly. 

6. Neck Fan

As a Samoyed owner, be prepared for long walks; your dog will whip you into shape in no time. One of my favorite dog walking accessories for owners is a neck fan; these small, lightweight fans go around the neck and blow air onto your neck or face (they’re adjustable, so you can move the fans where you want!). 

Whether the weather is hot, that extra air can be invaluable in helping you keep up with your dogs. I use this neck fan whenever I walk my dogs; it can be charged with a USB cord, and the charge lasts for hours. 

7. Clip-on Safety Lights

If you walk your dog at night or in the early morning before the sun is up, it’s important to take some precautions to keep you and your dog safe. To ensure drivers and other walkers and runners can see you, consider using these clip-on safety lights. They’re small and inexpensive and clip directly to the dog’s collar or leash. But despite their small size, they provide a lot of light, and can be seen from quite a distance away. They can be charged via USB, and the charge lasts for several days of use. 

Walking Your Dog

Now that you know the importance of walking your dog, you can start a walking routine with your Samoyed. Daily walks can be rewarding for both of you in terms of healthful exercise, building a bond, and working on training. And by purchasing some useful dog walking supplies, your walks will be even more fun. 

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