Must-Have Tools and Supplies

Bringing home a Samoyed is a big commitment. They are clever, energetic dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation, or can become destructive. And of course, their coats need regular maintenance to prevent mats and other issues.

If you plan on bringing home a Samoyed, these items can be helpful in caring for your new pet.

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It’s a good idea to read several books on dog care and training. Techniques and approaches can vary widely, so consider reading a few different ones to see what style works best for you and your dog. These are two of my favorites; I’ve read them multiple times, and still come back to them. 


Everyone knows dogs love to chew. But did you know it’s good for their health? Regular chewing can help prevent tartar buildup and promote dental health.

  • Himalayan Chews: These chews are made from yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice – nothing else. They’re good for your dog and are extremely long-lasting. (Tip: When your dog has worn down the chew to its last inch, soak it in water, then pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds. It will puff up like a giant biscuit, and your dog will go wild!)
  • Marrow Bones: The next time you’re at the grocery store, stop in the meat section and look for marrow bones, or ask the butcher if they have any in the back. They’re cheap (my grocery store sells them for about 30 cents each), and last forever. However, I highly recommend only giving marrow bones to your dog outside; they can be messy!
  • Fish Skins: These are one of the best chews for Samoyeds. They are made out of baked fish skins. They’re low in calories, and help provide extra nutrients that helps the dog’s skin and coat. 
  • Stuffed bones: Stuffed bones are great for dogs’ teeth and helps satisfy a dog’s chewing instincts.  

Grooming Tools

A Samoyed’s coat is beautiful, but it requires some work to maintain. Invest in good quality brushes; it makes the process easier, and will last you forever. These are the tools I use: 

  • Undercoat rake: If you own a Samoyed, an undercoat rake is a necessity. It will help remove the loose undercoat without damaging the top coat. For years, I used a different metal undercoat rake, but recently switched to this one from JW. It’s much more effective at getting through my dog’s think coat. 
  • Shedding comb: A shedding comb gets out undercoat, but is especially helpful on more sensitive areas, like the belly or legs.  
  • Pin brush: Use a pin brush to ensure there are no knots or tangles. Also use a pin brush to lightly brush the tail. 
  • Slicker brush: A good quality slicker brush removes loose hair and dirt, and prevents mats. 
  • Nail clippers: Your dog will need their nails clipped every few weeks. I recommend cutting them more often; I do my dogs’ nails on a weekly basis, since doing it more often forces back the quick. 
  • Forced air dryer: A high-velocity dryer is an investment purchase, with good quality dryers costing $150 and up. However, it’s well worth the expense. It blows out loose hair and dirt and, if your dog is wet after a bath, can get them fully dry within 30 minutes. 


  • Kong: Kongs are great for keeping your dog entertained. Stuff them with peanut butter, yogurt, or their favorite treat. If you don’t want to give your dog too much extras, set aside a portion of their daily kibble. Fill the Kong with the kibble and run water through it, and put the Kong in the freezer overnight. It will keep your dog busy, without adding unnecessary calories. 
  • Puzzles: Puzzle toys can provide mental stimulation and keep your dog occupied. 

New Puppy Supplies

If you’re bringing him a new puppy or adopting an adult, these supplies can help make the transition easier on both you and your dog: 

  • Crate: If you decide to crate train, look for a crate that comes with a divider. You can use the divider to make the crate smaller when the puppy is small, and move it as they grow. Most adult Samoyeds will be most comfortable in a 42-inch crate. 
  • Snuggle Puppy: This toy is ingenious and a must-have for new puppy owners. It has a heat pack and a battery-generated heartbeat, so helps mimic the feel of sleeping with littermates. When I used it with my puppy Riggs, he didn’t cry at all at night, and just drifted off to sleep. To make it even better, rub the snuggle puppy on the mother dog and littermates when you pick up your puppy. The scent will help soothe him. 
  • Teething Stick: Made by Kong, the puppy teething stick can help make your dog more comfortable as their adult teeth come in. I smear some peanut butter into the grooves and freeze it overnight. It keeps my puppy busy for hours and provides some relief from teething pain. 
  • Clippers: Nail clippers meant for adult dogs may be too big for a puppy. I found these puppy clippers are excellent until the dog reaches about six months; then I switched over to my regular adult clippers.