Do Samoyeds Shed?

-By Amber Lee

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Samoyeds are amazing, big, fluffy companions. But with so much fluff, you may be wondering,
“Do Samoyeds shed?” The answer is an emphatic YES. While other dogs may shed quite a bit, Samoyed shedding is in a league of its own, so kiss your black clothes goodbye and be prepared to spend time most days vacuuming up fuzz balls off of your floors. 

Continue reading to learn more about Samoyed dog shedding and what you can do to manage all that hair. 

What to expect during a Samoyed shed

According to the Samoyed Club of America, Samoyeds have a two-layer coat consisting of a dense and wooly undercoat and a coarse outer coat of guard hairs. The amount of hair your Samoyed dog sheds will vary based on a few factors, but whether your dog is altered or intact will have a significant impact. 

Intact — unneutered — males will blow all of their undercoats in a huge furry snowstorm about once per year. Intact females will blow their undercoat about twice per year, typically after each heat cycle. Spayed and neutered Samoyeds shed a lot of fur all-year-round. 

What is the Samoyed shedding season?

In theory, Samoyed shedding lines up with the warmer seasons so that the dog has less hair and is cooler during the hottest time of the year. This is not a hard and fast rule though, the real answer is there is no set shedding season and your Samoyed dog’s coat will do whatever it wants. The shedding season is more dependent on hormones than the time of year. 

Don’t fret if you find your samoyed dog with a full coat mid-summer, a well brushed out undercoat will insulate them just as well from the heat as it does from the cold.

How much do Sammys shed?

Do Samoyeds shed a lot? That’s the biggest question Samoyed owners get. Unless you’ve owned a Samoyed before, it’s difficult to describe what a Samoyed shed is like. 

During shedding season, you’ll see the following signs: 

  • Loose tufts: Your dog may have obvious tufts of hair sticking out. If you pluck the hair, it will slide out without any resistance. (Have fun! Plucking out the hair is incredibly satisfying). 
  • Tumbleweeds: Every time your dog gets up, they will leave clumps of hair behind. No matter how often you vacuum, you will find tumbleweeds made up of Samoyed hair all over the home. 
  • Piles of hair: When a Samoyed shed is at its worst, it’s known as a coat blow. When your dog is blowing his coat, a short brushing session can yield a big enough pile to fill a trash can.  

Managing a Samoyed shed

Now that you know just how significant Samoyed shedding can be, you may be wondering how to manage your dog’s coat. While groomers may advertise services like “de-shedding” and “Furminators,” you should avoid those options — Furminators and de-shedding can wreck a Samoyed’s coat

Instead, follow these steps: 

1. Get the Right tools

Get in the routine of brushing your Samoyed on a regular basis with the right grooming tools. Daily brushing is ideal, but even a few times a week can help. Sessions don’t need to be long; just 10 or 15 minutes a day can keep your dog looking great and shedding under control. 

During a coat blow, daily brushing is critical. An undercoat rake will become your best friend, removing all of the loose coat (and preventing it from ending up along your baseboards). 

2. Invest in a dryer

A high velocity dryer, also known as a forced air dryer, is the best investment in grooming tools you will ever make. It’s a must if you plan on bathing your samoyed at home, but it’s also fantastic for blowing out loose undercoat. The powerful air stream quickly and efficiently removes lots of your samoyed’s loose, shedding undercoat. And unlike human hair dryers, they don’t get hot, so won’t hurt your pet’s skin. 

Popular dryers include the Metro Air Force Commander or the Flying Pig

 While it’s not a complete replacement for your weekly elbow grease and brush work, a good dryer really does speed up the process and help manage the samoyed dog’s shedding coat a lot.

If you use a dryer, be sure to do it outside — you’ll be amazed at just how much hair comes out; it looks like it’s snowing. A face shield or mask can also come in handy to keep the hair out of your eyes, nose, and mouth (You may feel ridiculous, but after you’ve spent time plucking Samoyed hair out of your eyelashes and eyebrows, you’ll see why this is a good idea!)

3. Keep a stash of lint brushes at the ready

Even with regular brushing and drying sessions, there will be hair everywhere. It will get on your clothes, in the corners of your home, and all over your furniture. Inexplicably, it will show up.

As a Samoyed owner, you will need a stash of lint brushes. Keep one by the front door, one in the car, and one at your work desk (inexplicably, you’ll find that Samoyed hairs have attached themselves to you during your commute). 

I also love these mini ones that you can keep in your purse, and these reusable ones are great for furniture and linens. 

Caring for Your Samoyed 

Do Samoyeds shed? Now that you know the answer, you can prepare yourself for the incredible amounts of hair that await you. Their coats take a lot of work, but their loving personality and spunky playfulness are well worth it to call one of these dogs your best friend. 

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