Essential Grooming Supplies for Samoyeds


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When you bring home a Samoyed, one of the biggest responsibilities is keeping their coats in good shape. It’s more than cosmetic; daily grooming is essential to keep their coat matt-free and their skin in good condition. As you brush, you can check for scratches, cuts, or ticks. This is one breed where skipping grooming sessions can lead to major problems later on.

While Samoyed grooming can be challenging, the right tools can make your life so much easier.

Samoyed grooming supplies

When you bring home a Samoyed, the following tools will make caring for them much simpler:

  • Pin brush: A pin brush helps work out tangles gently and can be used all over the dog’s body.
  • Slicker brush: A slicker brush will keep the coat sleek and is especially good for managing the dog’s tail plume.
  • Shedding comb: A shedding comb will gently remove lose undercoat, and is especially helpful in more sensitive areas, such as the sides and belly.
  • Undercoat rake (not a Furminator!): Unlike the Furminator, an undercoat rake removes the undercoat without cutting or clipping the fur, leaving your Sammy’s gorgeous silver tips intact.
  • Nail clippers: If you start your pup young and use good quality nail clippers, you can clip your dog’s nails at home without any issue.
  • High velocity dryer: A high velocity dryer is a godsend when you have a Sammy. They can dry the dog to the skin in 20 minutes, and remove dirt and loose coat. Find out more about why high-velocity dryers are so important.

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