Creating a dog-friendly patio

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We recently moved into a new apartment (yes, Samoyeds do fine in apartments!). Our place has an enormous patio, and our outdoor set only took up a small fraction of it. We decided to turn our patio into a pet paradise, giving the dogs a place to play.

Plus, we live in Florida, so having a covered area where the dogs can go to the bathroom in the case of storms or hurricanes is a huge benefit.

If you want to build your own version, we’ll link to everything we bought. These links do include some affiliate links, but we bought all of these things with our own money and found them on our own.


Doggie patio oasis

For the other 3/4 of the patio, we put down several astroturf rugs that are specifically designed for pets. They’re lined with rubber, so they stick well to any surface without sliding, and they have drainage holes. To clean, just hose them down and use a solution of vinegar and water.

We used four 5×8′ rugs.

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We added a fire hydrant because it was adorable.

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We also threw in a little pool for hot days. When it’s not filled with water, we use it to corral their toys.


For finishing touches, we added a little chalkboard yarn sign and a little picket fence.

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The dogs absolutely love it. Right now, they’re spending almost all day out on the patio, playing, napping, and stealing the couch.