What Is Sniffspot? Private Dog Parks Near You

When my Samoyed was recovering from his tail amputation, finding ways to burn his energy was tough. I have a small yard, so he can’t really run, and he wasn’t allowed to go to the dog park because of the risk of a dog jumping on him and re-injuring his tail.

I started exploring backyard rentals, and I came across Sniffspot. It was the perfect solution. For a small fee, I could rent a private, secure space where my dogs could run and play on their own.

What is Sniffspot? Think of it as Airbnb for dogs! Here’s what you should know.

What Is Sniffspot?

Sniffspot is a relatively new platform. Launched in 2018, it connects to pet owners with safe, privately owned spaces for their dogs to play. Homeowners with large backyards, farms, pools, or that have dog training facilities can list their spaces for rent. Unlike traditional dog parks, which are open to the public, Sniffspot is more exclusive; you can rent a private space just for your dogs, eliminating the risks of fights.

How Does Sniffspot Work?

Sniffspot is available in cities nationwide. Download the app or visit the website and create an account. Once you sign in, you can search for privately owned spaces near you.

For me, there is a variety of space rentals available, ranging from relatively small backyards with privacy fences to farms with several acres of space. You can filter results by price, features, or available fencing.

For example, some spaces in my area have dog-friendly swimming pools or water features, while others have agility courses and jumps.

When you find a space that works for you, you can book a time slot online and pay with a credit card. The owner of the space will message you details, such as what gates to use, what amenities are available, and any special access instructions.

Typically, you just show up and use the space; there’s no need to interact with the homeowner. Just be sure to clean up after your dog and leave the space as tidy as it was when you arrived.

How Much Does Sniffspot cost?

Sniffspot’s pricing can vary based on the available space and the homeowner. For example, I rented a five-acre farm that was very highly rated, with dozens of five-star reviews. It was a gorgeous space, and my dogs were allowed on the owner’s jump course. That space was $18 per hour.

Photo courtesy of Sniffspot.

Another space I booked was a large backyard in a quiet suburb. It was new to the Sniffspot platform and hadn’t had other customers yet, so it was just $8 per hour.

In general, spaces are $6 to $25 per hour; spaces on the higher end will usually be larger, with high ratings and more amenities than other spaces. And if you have multiple dogs, many homeowners will give you discounts for the additional pets.

Sniffspot Review: The Bottom Line

What is Sniffspot? For Samoyed owners, a lifesaver. If you’re a Samoyed owner, you know how high energy they can be and how difficult it can be to give them the exercise they need. If dog parks make you nervous and you’re looking for a private, safe place for them to run and play, Sniffspot can be an excellent option.

It can also be a great solution if you’re planning a Samoyed meetup or want to hold a doggy birthday party; some Sniffspot owners allow you to bring up to 20 dogs.

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