Can Samoyeds Live in Apartments? Special Considerations and Tips

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You fell in love the first time you saw a Samoyed. Their beautiful coat. Their bright eyes. Their coal-black eyes. You may be dreaming of the day when you can get one yourself, but you may be worried about how they’d do in your home, especially if you live in an apartment or rental property. Can Samoyeds live in apartments? Yes, but proceed with caution. As an apartment dweller, it takes extra work to own a Samoyed and help them thrive. 

Can Samoyeds Live In Apartments? What The Experts Say

A large portion of the American population rent their homes, and the National Multifamily Housing Council reported that approximately 37% of renters live in apartments. Whether it’s a large apartment complex or a smaller unit owned by a private landlord, apartments are common housing options. 

If you are one of the millions of people that live in an apartment and want to adopt a Samoyed, you may be wondering how they handle apartment life. According to Rick Allen, an obedience specialist with The Pampered Pup, Samoyeds can successfully live in apartments if the owner does their homework. 

“You can absolutely have a Samoyed in an apartment provided that your landlord allows it, and you are prepared to help your puppy stay comfortable and well-behaved,” Allen said.

How to Care for a Samoyed in An Apartment

Samoyeds are high-energy dogs, but they’re adaptable. They can live in apartments or small houses and still thrive and live happy lives. However, you do need to take extra steps to ensure they get enough exercise and stimulation. 

“That little fluff ball is also one big bundle of energy,” cautioned Allen. “A Samoyed loves to play and romp around with both their human and canine companions. While this is great when you are home, they may start to engage in negative behaviors if they are left alone in a small space for too long. This breed also loves to talk, which means you’ll want to keep them busy and do some dog training so your neighbors don’t complain about barking.”

To care for your Samoyed in an apartment — and to prevent irritating your neighbors — consider these tips: 

1. Exercise. A Lot. 

Samoyeds are working dogs. Used to pulling sleds and covering miles every day, they need a good amount of exercise. Otherwise, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves. In an apartment, that can mean barking, chewing your lovely crown molding, or tearing up your shoes.  

They key to stopping those behaviors? Exercise. A tired dog lays quietly while you make dinner, and naps while you’re at work. 

If you plan on bringing home a Samoyed, devote yourself to a strict exercise routine, because a short 20-minute stroll won’t cut it. 

“Taking your dog for walks will help curb negative behaviors, but you may find that it takes a long time for your dog to show any signs of getting tired,” said Allen. 

An adult Samoyed likely needs one to two hours of structured exercise every day. To fulfill their needs, that may mean waking up earlier every day to take your dog for a walk before work, stopping in at lunch for a break, and taking another walk or heading to the park at night. 

2. Sign Up For Training Sessions

Training your Samoyed is key. They are clever dogs, and will find ways to creatively entertain themselves if you don’t provide them with enough stimulation. Training sessions — both with a professional trainer on your own — helps teach your dog positive behaviors. And, the sessions stimulate your dog’s mind, which can be more tiring and satisfying than even a long hike. 

3. Play Games

With a Samoyed in an apartment, bad weather is especially miserable. When it’s bitter cold, stormy, or brutally hot, you may not want to venture outside — but your Sammy will still want to head out. 

Games can help tire your dog out and provide them with stimulation when long exercise sessions aren’t possible. There are puzzle toys you can buy that make your dog think to solve them to earn a treat, but you can also play games like hide and seek, set up agility obstacles (pillow cushions can make great jumps!) and even teach your dog scent work. 

4. Use Chews 

When you can’t be home, providing your dog with healthy chews can keep them occupied until you get back. And, it’s good for your Samoyed’s teeth. What chews are good for Samoyeds? Consider these options: 

  • Kongs: Kongs are great for Samoyeds. You can fill them with your dog’s favorite treats, and your dog will spend hours chewing it to get the food out. Some good fillers include peanut butter, yogurt, or cheese. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can put in some of their breakfast, run water through it, and freeze it overnight. 
  • Himalayan Chews: Made out of yak cheese, Himalayan chews are long-lasting and nutritious. When the chew is down to the last 2 inches or so, take it away and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds; it will puff up like a biscuit. If your dog is a serious chewer, you can slow them down by getting a chew holder. It makes the dog work harder, and extends the life of your Himalayan chew. 
  • Antlers: For dogs that love to chew, antlers can be a good option. They’re expensive, but they last a long time and can tempt even the pickiest of Samoyeds. 

5. Get Help

If you live in an apartment and have a Samoyed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Outsourcing some tasks can help your Samoyed stay healthy and happy:

  • Dog walker: If you work outside of the home and can’t stop in at lunch, consider hiring a dog walker or asking a neighbor for their help. Having someone stop in to take your dog on a potty break can ensure no accidents happen, and an extra walk can give your dog more exercise. You can find local dog walkers with tools like Rover and Wag
  • Doggie Daycare: Particularly while your dog is young, doggie daycare can be an excellent decision. Your dog can play all day with other high-energy dogs, allowing you to come home to a happy, relaxed pet. If you’re interested in doggie daycare options, you can find local facilities on BringFido.

If you’re wondering, “Can Samoyeds live in apartments?” — you can relax. Samoyeds can be very happy pets living in apartments and small houses. As long as you come up with a plan to provide them with exercise and stimulation, you’ll have a satisfied pet.

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