How What’s the Price of a Samoyed in 2023?

how much does a Samoyed cost

Samoyeds are unmistakingly beautiful, and their expressive faces and upturned smiles can melt hearts. With such a beautiful dog, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions people have is, “what’s the price of a Samoyed dog?” 

To get a better idea of typical costs, we surveyed current owners about how they got their Samoyeds and how much they paid to bring them home. How much do Samoyeds cost in 2023? We found that most people paid at least $2,000 for a Samoyed, but prices varied significantly based on location, seller and whether the dog was registered. 

What’s The Price of A Samoyed?

What's the price of a Samoyed in 2023 Infographic

In our survey, we asked owners located throughout the United States about how much they paid to adopt or purchase their Samoyed. Here is what we found: 

  • As of 2023, the majority of Samoyed owners paid $2,000 or more to adopt or purchase their dog. 
  • Although some buyers reported paying $4,000 or more for a Samoyed puppy, they were the minority, making up just 8% of respondents. 
  • Those that adopted a dog through a shelter or individual owner typically paid much less, spending under $1,000 for a new pet. 

Variables Affecting Cost

How much you will pay for a Samoyed in 2023 varies based on several factors, including: 

  • Seller type: Where you buy your dog plays a major role in determining the cost. Shelters and individual owners looking to rehome their pets have the lowest average cost. But though Samoyed breeders are more expensive, reputable breeders are usually less expensive than pet shops. Stores that sold puppies charged $3,000, $4,000 or even more for Samoyed puppies. 
  • The age of the dog: As is common for all breeds, Samoyed puppies are usually much more expensive than older dogs. Adopting a dog that is six months old or older can be significantly cheaper than bringing home a puppy because of the decreased demand for older pets. 
  • Location: Where you live plays a major role in cost. Areas with higher costs of living mean that breeders have higher expenses for food, supplies and medical care for the dogs. And if there are few breeders of Samoyeds in the area, there may be higher costs because of how uncommon they are. 
  • Registration: A purebred Samoyed registered with a major kennel club is typically more expensive than a dog that does not have papers certifying its bloodline.
  • Health records of parents: Reputable breeders perform extensive health testing of their dogs before breeding them, testing their eyes and hips for any issues. As a result, breeders with dogs with excellent health records tend to charge more because of their increased medical costs. 
  • Show record of parents: Good breeders prove their dogs through shows or other competitions. Dogs that have successfully competed tend to produce higher-cost puppies than unproven dogs. 

Purchasing a Samoyed

What’s the price of a Samoyed in 2023? We found that most people paid between $2,000 and $3,000 for a puppy, but some may cost more. However, those on a tighter budget can find less expensive dogs by adopting through a local shelter, Samoyed rescue or individual seller, or by being willing to get an older dog rather than a puppy. 

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We created a survey and posted it on multiple social media pages geared toward Samoyed owners. We collected responses from owners across the United States. In return for their participation in the survey, participants had the option of providing their email address to be entered into a random drawing. One person was randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card.