Choosing a Samoyed Puppy

You’ve done your research and made the big decision that a Samoyed puppy is the dog for you! Maybe you even know which Samoyed breeder you’d like to contact. (If not, here’s a list of Samoyed breeders across the country). However, finding the right Sammy for you is a big step. 

4 things to consider when buying a Samoyed Puppy

dog-2573620_1920Here are four things to look for when you are ready to meet with a Samoyed breeder.

1. Health Certificates

Like many purebred dogs, health issues can plague certain breeds. Hip dysplasia and glaucoma are two of the more common issues among Samoyeds. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) provides genetic testing for breeders. Be sure to ask your Samoyed breeder for health clearance certifications to ensure that your puppy had healthy parents.

2. Good Parents

The saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree holds just as true for dogs as it does humans. Asking the breeder for a chance to see and interact with your puppy’s parents is the best indicator for you to see what your little Sammy will grow up to become. Whether its a larger-than-usual mother or an unexpectedly timid father, your puppy is predisposed to have similar characteristics.

3. Right Temperament

Their loyal and friendly demeanor is one of the many reasons Samoyed’s make great pets. Take some time to watch the litter of puppies interacting. The one alone in the corner may be timid and anxious, but the rambunctious one bossing the others around may prove to be stubborn to train. Opt for the Samoyed puppy that has an even temperament, displaying a sense of curiosity and bravery that shows interest interacting with people.

4. Classic Appearance

The Sammy smile is the most common trait for Samoyeds, followed closely by their fluffy white coat. Samoyeds can come in a range of shades from white to cream to biscuit colorings. The coat should be thick, soft and fluffy. For a show-worthy Sammy, they should have almond black or brown eyes.

Choosing a Samoyed puppy

Common sense can go a long way when it comes to choosing the right puppy from a Samoyed breeder. To ensure your Sammy had a good start to life, chose a breeder who has clearly cared for the puppies, whether it be their appearance, socialization and living area. Being picky about which Samoyed puppy you chose will mean you and your new best friend will have the best chance for a long and healthy life together.
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Written by Molly Schnepel.

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