Best Cyber Monday Deals for Samoyed Owners

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If you’re a Samoyed parent, then Cyber Monday is a great time to stock up on essential tools for your Sammy. From high-velocity dryers to nail grinders, we identified 10 of the best deals for Samoyed owners.

10 Top Cyber Monday Deals for Samoyed Owners

To identify the best deals, we checked out Amazon’s Cyber Monday pet section. We looked at the products’ usefulness, customer ratings, number of customer reviews, and the size of the discount. Based on that information, these are the best deals on products for Samoyeds (and their owners!)

1. BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner: $99.00 (Down From $133)

For pet parents, a steam cleaner is a must. Muddy paws, sobber and other stains can become a thing of the past with the Bissell SpotClean cleaner. This is a more powerful version of the much-loved Little Green, and $99 is a great deal.

2. Saftey 1st Easy Install Walk Thru Gate: $39.99 (down from $49.99)

Whether you’re working on house-breaking your Samoyed or simply want to keep a particular room a dog-free zone, this pet gate is more attractive than other gates and has a wide, easy to walk through, swinging gate.

3. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites: $18.88 (down from $28)

Probiotics can help your dog ‘s digestion, and Zesty Paws makes them in an easy-to-give treat format. With a discount this deep, it’s a great time to stock up on these helpful supplements.

4. ChomChom Pet Hair Remover: $23.96 (down from $29.95)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged by Sammy owners that hair can get everywhere. Lint brushes are a mainstay for Samoyed pet owners, but this pet hair remover is a gamechanger. It’s reusable, and it’s wide design makes it easy to use on furniture, bed linens, car upholstery, and your favorite coat.

Tip: The ChomChim Pet Hair Remover has a $4.00 coupon you can apply when you add it to your cart!

5. Bonve Pet Nail Grinder: $19.99 (Down from $35.99)

If you struggle to keep your dog’s nails trimmed, a nail grinder can be a helpful tool. There’s less of a concern of knicking the dog’s quick, and this version is relatively quiet, but effective. If you use the coupon on the listing, you can save an additional $3.00.

6. Furbo 360 Dog Camera: $147 (down from $210)

If you have to work away from home, you likely worry about your dog or simply want to see your Samoyed’s face throughout the day. With the Furbo, you can get high definition, live video. It even has night vision, so you can see what you’re pet is up to 24/7. The Furbo also has a treat feature, so you can give your Samoyed treats when you’re not home!

7. Petkit Dog Water Bottle: $9.74 (down from $19.99)

Samoyeds are high-energy dogs, so I always recommend that owners have an easy-to-use dog water bottle with them on walks or trips to the park. This dog water bottle is compact, and it has a filter to ensure your dog is getting clean, fresh water.

8. Benebone Wishbone: $10.22 (down from $13.45)

Samoyeds love to chew, and making sure they have tasty, safe things to chew can prevent them from turning your favorite shoes or furniture into a chew toy. The Benebone Wishbone is a favorite of my dogs; It’s a long-lasting, hardy chew that is specifically designed for hardcore chewers. They’re tougher than real bones, so even aggressive chewers can enjoy these for weeks.

9. Pet Grooming Dryer: $94.97 (Down from $189.99)

I always recommend that Samoyed owners invest in a high-velocity grooming dryer. But the steep price — they often cost hundreds — can be a deterrent for many. Thankfully, Amazon has a great Cyber Monday discount on this powerful grooming dryer, making it more affordable. You can use it to dry your dog quickly, but for Samoyed owners, it can also be a useful tool when you’re dealing with shedding season.

10. 900 Poop Bags and Holder: $12.47 (down from $18.95)

Hey, this pick may not be glamorous, but every Samoyed owner (and every dog owner in general!) needs to keep poop bags on hand. This is a great deal on 900 bags, and it comes with a handy bag dispenser you can attach to your dog’s leash.