Health & Nutrition

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Compared to other breeds, Samoyeds are relatively healthy and hardy dogs. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years and they often remain active and energetic well into old age.

However, they do have some health concerns you should be aware of.

Samoyed Health Issues

Some of the most common health issues in Samoyeds are:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy: This disease causes loss of vision in dogs and eventual blindness. It most commonly begins to develop between two and five years of age.
  • Diabetes: Some middle-aged Samoyeds will develop diabetes due to chronic inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Hip dysplasia: Like other medium and large breeds, Samoyeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia.


As a high-energy, working breed, Samoyeds require high-quality nutrition. While raw diets are growing in popularity, a premium kibble is still an excellent choice. DogFoodAdvisor is an excellent resource that breaks down different foods and ranks them based on their ingredients and nutrients.

Some of the top five-star foods include:

Many of these brands are not available at big box stores or pet retailers. They are only sold at farm supply stores, specialty pet stores and online. Chewy and Petflow are two excellent companies that offer these foods at affordable prices and quick shipping.

While these foods are more expensive than other brands, like Beneful or Purina, there’s a reason. The high-quality ingredients and purity is unmatched. Good quality food is worth the investment, as it can help prevent health issues later on.